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Medical Education in Germany

The regulations governing the undergraduate medical curriculum in Germany are set forth in the "Approbationsordnung für Ärzte" (ÄAppO). According to German study regulations, 12 semesters (6 years) are required to study medicine. Undergraduate education extends over 6 compulsory years: the preclinical phase, first and second clinical phase and a Practical Year (see below).

Since June 2002 a new ÄApp0 has been introduced and gradually must be implemented at all 36 public and the only one private Medical Faculty in Germany from winter semester 2003 onwards. Configuration details of the ÄAppO are organised according to the pre-rogative of the Medical Faculties.

Until winter term 2005/6 regulations of the old and new ÄAPPO are allowed parallel to each other. Below given details refer only to the new ÄAppO, parallel arrangements for the old ÄAppO for the most part until September 2006 must be inquired at the Dean of Medical Education's office.

Aspects of undergraduate medical education in Bonn exceeding the prescriptions laid out in the ÄAppO include palliative medicine, pain medicine, communication, haemotherapy and systematic internationalisation. Though covering the entire range of community obliged medical education, additionally specific educational and research majors have been identified for Bonn: genetics, vasculatory diseases, syndromes of the gastro-intestinal system, neurosciences, interdisciplinary and international aspects of medical education and co-operation.

Structure of Undergraduate Medical Education in Germany
1st major phase (preclinical phase)
2 years / 4 preclinical semesters (1st subphase)
First State Examination
[Multiple Choice + Oral Examination]
2nd major phase (clinical phase)
1 year / 2 clinical semesters (2nd subphase)
2 years / 4 clinical semesters (3rd subphase)
Practical Year (PJ) (4th subphase)
3 terms of 16 weeks each in internal medicine, surgery and optional subject
Second State Examination
[Multiple Choice + Oral Examination]

Additional information and legal regulations concerning the course content of each semester of study can be found in the regulations governing the degree programme in medicine at the University of Bonn (Studienordnung für den Studiengang Medizin an der Universität Bonn). These university regulations determine the content-specific prerequisites for various subjects and the sequence in which certain courses must be taken. The course descriptions in this brochure also list these course prerequisites. Copies of the study regulations are available at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine (Studiendekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät).
Certain courses (Pflichtkurse) are mandatory for admission to the state examinations listed above. Students can supplement the required curricula with additional courses selected from optional subjects (Wahlfächer). Some optional courses are generally recommended for all students, whereas others may be selected by students according to their individual interests. This brochure contains only the mandatory courses.
The comprehensive course offerings in all subjects at the University of Bonn are listed in the course catalogue / lecture timetable (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). The course catalogue is issued each semester and can be purchased in local bookstores. Participation in a broad range of courses is both an essential part of a sound and thorough education in medicine and good preparation for attaining individual career goals. The course catalogue also contains a map of the city including the locations of all the main university facilities.